Helping Christian Families Transition To Homeschooling

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While our children are being bombarded with messages that are causing gender identity issues, racial and dysphoria issues, just to name a few, Fetch The Goodness helps you make the transition from public school to homeschooling while building more FAITH and Godly character in your spirit. 

What if you pulled your children out of public school today, could you be confident that you can produce a mindset that helps to stabilize your entire FAMILY?  

What if you were able to add the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT, the GOSPEL, and SPIRITUAL GIFTS to their curriculum without compromising or facing walls of religious thinking?

What if we come from a Kingdom perspective, so we could help you see that God chose YOU to parent your child the way only YOU can

What if God gave you access to a “Church” family (which refers to GOD'S PEOPLE not a building) to help you raise your homeschool child up the way you’ve envisioned for so long?


What if you were able to TRUST that there is a SAFE Kingdom Community that can help you with Resources, Education, Fun Activities, and Bible Studies to keep you and your children close to the Lord? 

We are here to help you stay alert to WHAT IS while encouraging you through the What if’s so you can be prepared during challenging times.

If God is FOR you - who can be against you? What does it matter what others think about homeschooling? It’s about what you believe God is calling you to do!

This is what parents are saying about FTG Community...

-"FTG opens the door to teaching my kids about who God is and how important it is to have that connection. It is vital."
-“You've given us opportunities as a family to have conversations we wouldn’t otherwise have"
-"FTG is so inspiring to my kids. They do things they wouldn’t have thought they could do, AND they have joy in doing it!"
-“My daughter taught me things I never knew about Scripture."
-"FTG teaches us bigger insights through our children as their aspirations about God have been bigger than ours."

What can you expect for yourself and your child from the FTG Community? 

The moment you register, you’ll have resources in your hands that will direct you to Kingdom curriculum, Kingdom podcasts and Kingdom resources to help you educate your child very well. 

Give ALL of your "What if’s” to God and He’ll give to you what you need to move into "What is”. 

FTG can help you learn to pray, study Scripture and build community, which builds FAITH, FAMILY AND A STRONG FOUNDATION. 

This community is designed to share God’s Goodness and encourage you and your children every step of the way. 

Do you recognize yourself here? 

7 facts that might sound familiar to you...

  • You want to invest a lot of time, love and prayer in your children and yet, because of worry, stress and anxiety, you lose focus 

  • You talk with your Christian friends about homeschooling and keeping your family close to God, but the conversation turns awkward or uncomfortable

  • You lie awake at night with thoughts about where the world is headed and how your child be impacted if they stay in public school

  • You want to protect your child and what you have built up and worked so hard for, and fear keeps you wondering what’s going on 'out there'

  • You want to homeschool to lead your children into a closer walk with the Lord but aren’t sure how to do it outside of taking them to church 

  • You question whether you can teach your children, especially  if they misbehave, and want to find something that helps you and them to build a more Godly character

  • You want to find valuable Christian content for them that isn’t going to force anything on them and might even help them enjoy school and daily life more

How Can Fetch The Goodness Support Me and My Child? 

I’m glad you asked...
- First, you’ll get the FREE PDF of the KINGDOM RESOURCES I mentioned above. 
- Second, you’ll join our FTG Community where other homeschooling parents want to build confidence their child into a healthy relationship with God outside of church. 

Why did I create this Community? 

Distraught parents and teachers called my office to tell me horror stories of what was happening in their child's public school.  They called because they knew Fetch The Goodness was helping children see their identity in Christ. 

These parents were dealing with issues like their children coming home saying they were now wanting to be a cat, dog, tree, or their girl wanted to be a boy, and their boy wanted to be a girl. The hardest one to hear, as if those weren't hard enough, was how their Kindergartener’s teacher talked about a certain skin color being wrong and bad, so they were to apologize to the other kids in their class for being born that way. 

It was all happening right under our noses. 

I felt constant pressure to create a platform to help families dealing with this and feeling the need to transition from public school to homeschooling. 

For more than 18 years I've coached families, and loved every family, no matter the skin color. The more God opened my eyes to the wiles of the devil, the more I saw through what was happening. 

My own family struggled, as well as other families around us, through corrupt television shows, perverted social media, violent video games and the acceptance of inappropriate language and activities at school and at home. I watched my entire family turn away from God and be drawn toward the world. 

The religious spirit I had, only served to push them further away. It all happened so subtly for decades that none of us could see it until it was too late.

At first I felt helpless. Homeschooling wasn’t supported by my husband, nor my friends. 

I finally made the choice to leave religious churches, I left dysfunctional friends who didn’t understand, I wiped the dust off my feet from family members who didn’t want to be around me, and I went straight to work co-creating with God. 

Though it was a very painful journey, I began to write down all the reasons these things were happening to families across America. The more I talked to parents and children, the more I could see the fruits of helping them connect to God, themselves and others. 

I showed my husband proof that homeschooling would benefit our kids, by showing him what they were dealing with at school and how their gifts and talents would never be able to enriched in the local public schools. I explained that there are high results of intelligent homeschoolers because they have individual attention, and how they are contributing to the world as tremendous creators instead of consumers. 

While he said no for our oldest two, when our last child was about to enter high school, he reluctantly agreed.


Even if your child gets their GED, it will never stop them from doing incredible things in the world. 

Our daughter became a sought after professional photographer living in Canada with her husband. She got her GED and went on to college so she could start her own photography business. 

Our middle son got his GED, and went back to school to become a Radiologist. 

Another way FTG helps families is by giving you and your spouse proof of why homeschooling is important, and the results that Homeschooling can be the greatest gift to ever give to your child, especially in today’s culture.  

Your child WILL learn many things you don’t want them to know at the hands of others. They WILL experience things you don’t want them to experience, as Blake has in this video below.  

The Locker Room Incident


If you only focus on today’s culture, then you might feel like there is no way out... 

Well I’m here to tell you there ABSOLUTELY 100% IS. 

It may sound intangible to you ...


  • What if you could calm down without thinking so much about what the world is teaching because you get to teach then what you want them to learn? 
  • What if you could be fully supported from a community of Kingdom believers who actually understand you?   
  • What if your children started to learn core values and could build their character in Christ, the way you would want them to while they are in school? 
  • What if you felt equally comfortable with your children learning and growing right along with you?

When we asked parents what they wanted to achieve and they said; 

  • “To feel good about myself as a parent and teacher so I can help them feel good about who they are."
  • “To not let society mess with my child so they could be great adults who contribute to society and make a difference."
  • “To know God on a more intimate level so I can be a good role model for my children."
  • “I want my kids to make this world a better place somehow because, Lord knows, it needs good people."
Together, with a team of dedicated Kingdom people, we are sowing everything we can into this work to help you take a stand for your family.  

If you want RESOURCES, if you want more REVIVAL, we can help. 

Sow into your family.  Try out the FTG Community for FREE for 30 days, click the button that says “Choose Your Plan Here” and if it doesn’t work for you later just unsubscribe. 

Fetch The Goodness™ can help you make a Godly impact on your young child with better choices - and it's the number one reason that we are so passionate about this work. 
Helping YOU and YOUR CHILD are the reasons we exist. 

This FTG List of Free Resources is RICH with Kingdom Curriculum Information PLUS...

  • A Beautiful Community Just For YOU.  Prophetic Insights, and Proven Strategies from 18 years of Coaching families, PLUS all the experience of those inside the community who have homeschooled for years!  (Ephesians 4:11-12 "And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ,” Act 2:18"And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy.”)
  • Daily Bible Studies Just For Parents on Telegram! LIVE at 8:00 am Est and replays available to keep you connected to the parents on the calls even if you can’t be there.
  • Interviews of homeschool parents to share incredible tips of what works and what doesn’t. 
  • Podcasts, videos, curriculum and so much more ever single month! 

If you join FTG's Community today, you’ll also get PKW's eBOOK that helps you teach your child CONFIDENCE with Scripture

At Fetch The Goodness we are still fleshing out the process of making this TRANSITION from Public School to Homeschool an easier one for you, then if you were doing it all alone. 

IT CAN BE DONE! You have the opportunity to TRUST GOD and take that leap of faith! You can do it on your own 100%, just like many parents do. But my question is WHY would you want to when we can do it together?  

I look forward to hearing from you and I pray God’s most abundant BLESSINGS over your entire family. 

Much Love,


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