We’ve Created a Community That Imparts The Goodness of God

To help families stay EMPOWERED and in control of their FAITH, FAMILY & FOUNDATION

Are you looking for a Community that can help you and your children learn to seek the Holy Spirit, to pray and to know the Goodness of God - for FREE? 

At Fetch The Goodness, we have a goal to impact thousands of children. We want to produce a mindset that will help stabilize children through PRAYER, CONFIDENCE and the GOSPEL, outside of all religious denominations. 

We come from a Kingdom perspective, rather than a religious one, so we believe that “Church" refers to God's holy people, not a building.

This is what parents are saying about FTG Community...

-"FTG opens the door to teaching my kids about who God is and how important it is to have that connection. It is vital."
-“You've given us opportunities as a family to have conversations we wouldn’t otherwise have"
-"FTG is so inspiring to my kids. They do things they wouldn’t have thought they could do, AND they have joy in doing it!"
-“My daughter taught me things I never knew about Scripture."
-"FTG teaches us bigger insights through our children as their aspirations about God have been bigger than ours."

What can you expect for yourself and your child from the FTG Community? 

Right from step 1, your child will learn to pray, which builds FAITH, FAMILY AND FOUNDATION. 

This community is designed to teach young children about the Goodness of God every step of the way. We use moppets to hold their attention and this is most effective way for children 10 and under to learn and retain information according to educational research. Never think your child is too young to learn. 
Remember that it’s repetition which helps us all learn to walk and talk. 

Do you recognize yourself here? 

7 facts that might sound familiar to you...

  • You want to invest a lot of time, love and prayer in your children and yet, because of worry, stress and anxiety, you lose focus 
  • You talk with your Christian friends about keeping your family close to God, and how you’re feeling about what’s going on in the world, but the conversation turns awkward or uncomfortable
  • You lie awake at night with thoughts about where the world is headed and how your child be impacted
  • You actually want to protect them, and what you have built up and worked so hard for, and just want to switch off what’s going on 'out there'
  • You want to lead your children into a closer walk with the Lord but aren’t sure how to do it outside of taking them to church 
  • You notice that your children seem to misbehave more often than usual and want to find something that helps them build a more Godly character
  • You want to find valuable Christian content for them that isn’t going to force anything on them and might even help them enjoy school and daily life more

How Can Fetch The Goodness Support You and Your Child? 

I’m glad you asked...
- First, you’ll get a free PDF of powerful prayer cards for your child to learn and grow from. 
- Second, you’ll join our FTG Community where other parents want to bring their child into a healthy relationship with God outside of church. 

Why did I create this Community? 

Distraught parents who called my office (every day for two weeks straight), to tell me horror stories of how their K - 6th graders would come home saying they were now cats, dogs, trees, their girl wanted to be a boy, and their boy wanted to be a girl. 
They called me because they knew God had called me to create Fetch The Goodness, a platform to help children aren’t dealing with these issues. We teach children in a safe environment to help them know WHO they are and WHO'S they are, by showing them the Goodness of God
For 18 years I have been helping families as a Kingdom Building Life Coach, and now God was leading me to serve in a different way.
The more my eyes were opened to the horrors of what was happening in my own family, as well as others around us, through corrupt television, perverted social activities, censoring on social media, billboards full of perverted messaging, all of which grieved my spirit. 
Why wasn’t ANYONE ELSE seeing what I was seeing?
I left the denominational churches and went straight to God.  
He built my character and my confidence through prayer and Scripture. He gave me a deep love for His children, for Him, and for TRUTH.  He made a way when there was no way!
In this life, your child WILL learn many things you don’t want them to know anything about. If you only focus on today’s culture, then you might feel like there’s no way out... 
Well I’m here to tell you there ABSOLUTELY 100% IS. 
If you join FTG for free right now, you’ll get to see whether we can help your child learn more about The Goodness of God, without the world’s influence. He wants your child to be IN the world but not OF the world.

It may sound intangible to you ...


  • What if you could calm down without thinking so much about what the world is teaching? 
  • What if you could be fully supported from a community of believers who actually understand you?   
  • What if your children started to learn core values and could build their character in Christ, the way you would want them to? 
  • What if you felt equally comfortable with your children learning and growing right along with you?

When we asked parents what they wanted to achieve and they said; 

  • “To feel good about myself as a parent so I can help them feel good about who they are."
  • “To not let society mess with my child so they could be great adults who contribute to society and make a difference."
  • “To know God on a more intimate level so I can be a good role model for my children."
  • “I want my kids to make this world a better place somehow because, Lord knows, it needs good people."
Together, with a team of dedicated Kingdom people, we began to sow into this work to help you take a stand for your children.  If you join us, we can help your family, too! If you want to try it out for FREE for 30 days click the button that says “Choose Your Plan Here"

Fetch The Goodness™ can help you make a lasting impact on your child - and it's the number one reason that we are so passionate about this work. YOUR CHILD is the reason we are here. 


The FTG Journey

Stage 1 – How to Study Scripture For Kids (Prov 22:6 )
Stage 2 – How to understand God’s Kingdom ( Matthew 6:33 says)
Stage 3 – How to Hear God's Spirit (1st Kings 19:11, 12)
Stage 4 - How to Experience The Glory of God (Psalm 34:8)
Stage 5 – How to Have a Champion Mindset (1st John 4:4)
Stage 6 – How to Obey Your Family's Core Values (John 15:9)
Stage 7 – How to Make Choices & Moves That Are Important  (2nd Corinth 10:5)
Stage 8 - How to Calm Your Emotions & Focus Your Personality (2 Tim 1:7)
Stage 9 - Find Your Purpose (1st Pet 2:9)


  • BONUS 1 - Monthly Live Zoom Calls for just the Parents. These calls are packed with Love, Scripture and Coaching, which ends up being powerful for the entire family! Prophetic Insights and Proven Strategies from 18 years of Coaching families.  Ephesians 4:11-12 "And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ,” Act 2:18"And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy."
  • BONUS 2 - Scripts to emotionally connect to your children. These scripts are also packed with Love, Scripture and Coaching, which also ends up being powerful for the entire family! Without learning to emotionally connect, we cannot build trust or lasting relationships.

Fast & Easy Ways To Teach Children

Fetch The Goodness will show you one of the fastest and easiest ways to teach your children - and you - about who they are and who’s they are. 
You do have options. Imagine having your family values reinforced and fortified every day, even when you’re not in the same room.
I pray God’s most abundant BLESSINGS over your entire family. Thank you for taking the time to read this information. If you feel a “yes” in your spirit right now, then trust God to move you on to the path that’s right for your family. 
Much Love,
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