🌟How do i empower my child's future?

At Fetch The Goodness, we understand the monumental task of nurturing and guiding our children through these unpredictable times. Our mission is to arm you with the wisdom, tools, and resources necessary for your child to become the LIGHT that humanity so desperately needs. FTG Goodness Hub offers an ongoing treasure trove of creative resources (valued at thousands of dollars) that encourages your child's successful navigation through life's challenges, equipping them with the character, integrity, and spirit needed to thrive.

let ftg help you Elevate Your Family's spiritual Experience! Unlock the Essence of Your child by Discovering Our biblical Advantages!

  • EMPOWERMENT: Provided by Professional Life Coaches, Teachers and Trainers, your child can become a leader and problem solver.

  • SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Comprehensive Bible studies and worship opportunities to nurture their spiritual journey.

  • CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Unlock your child's creative writing potential through engaging in creating and performing screenplays.

  • LIFE SKILLS: Discover an education that transcends traditional learning, embedding values and life skills with excellence.

  • SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY: Gain insights and advice from a community that understands and shares your values and challenges. Your child gets to upload their puppeteering performances to gain confidence.

Why Choose FTG?

are you seeking faith-based support for Your Family?

In today’s dishonoring and often chaotic world, providing your child with a firm foundation of faith and character in Christ is far more crucial than ever. Fetch The Goodness Hub offers a preparation sanctuary for children who are looking to be IN the world but not OF the world.

Here's why our community is indispensable:

Holistic Development

Beyond academics, we focus on the spiritual, emotional, and character development of your child. Our resources are designed not just to teach but to inspire and instill a lifelong passion for learning God's Goodness.

Faith-Based Learning:

At the heart of our curriculum and community activities is a strong scriptural foundation. Your child will explore Biblical truths and lessons in ways that are engaging, age-appropriate, and deeply impactful.

Community Support:

You're not signing up for a service; you're joining a family. Our community of like-minded parents and educators is always here to support, guide, and share in the journey of raising children who are equipped to face the world with confidence and faith.

"This is amazing! I can't wait until our youngest is old enough to be part of this. It's so great to instill scripture and teach them to apply what they learn - not just what they get at church. We're excited about that."🌟

We bring the best...

are you looking for FAITH BASED mentors focused on DEVELOPING TOMORROWS

spirit-led LEADERS?

At Fetch The Goodness (FTG), we are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders through comprehensive educational and spiritual development. Each segment of our community—Harbor of Harmony and Adventure Cove—is thoughtfully designed to cultivate leaders from a young age, and to support you to guide them into their spiritual destiny.

Harbor Of Harmony Offers Parents

  • Road map to stewarding their destiny

  • Resources to help you cultivate leadership in yourself

  • Bible studies to grow in God

  • Podcasts for educators and homeschool parents

  • Supportive community

Adventure Cove For Children Offers

  • Exploring their God-given talents

  • Podcasts to apply their God-given leadership potential

  • Interactive learning and creative expression

  • Puppeteering classes

  • Bible studies and worship activities

🌟something Different, Something New, our shows are created for children by children!


Meet the heart and soul behind FTG Studios:

Our dedicated team and cast members (Abigail, Lilah, Elijah and Ella) are each uniquely gifted by God to bring the spirit of faith and adventure alive. Together they create a world where learning about God and life's great adventures goes hand-in-hand with fun and creativity. Designed to guide, inspire, and entertain every member of our community, our team is here to help your child learn how to apply the Goodness of God to every day life.

🌟FTG is committed to producing content by children for children!🌟


Loves Scripture,

God's Goodness and her friends


Learning about God from

Amy & Sarah


Learning to be patient with Jacob, loves God & Nature

Together, they are not just show runners; they are mentors, entertainers, and friends to all who join the FTG community. Their stories aren't just told; they're experienced, filled with lessons, laughter, and love. Join Amy, Sarah, and Jacob in the Goodness Hub as they lead your children on unforgettable adventures that teach, touch, and transform.

Welcome to the family and Fetch The Goodness's Goodness Hub!

Endorsed by homeschool educators


Hear from Our Satisfied Parents

"So Much Goodness"

"My children look forward to the podcasts, cartoons and puppeteering classes most. I look forward to the parenting tips. This might sound corny but it's so much Goodness in one place!"


Annalise C.

"My Kids Love Amy"

"I absolutely LOVE the FTG curriculum! I'm learning things about my children I wouldn't have known had it not been for the questions they ask. My kids just love Amy!"


Lindsay Z.

"This Is Amazing"

"This is amazing! I can't wait until our youngest is old enough to be part of this. It's so great to instill scripture and teach them to apply what they learn - not just what they get at church. We're excited about that."


Daniel T.

"Our Girls Love it"

"There is no mistaking that Fetch The Goodness puts everything they have into sharing God's word. The puppets make it fun and educational to learn how to apply it. Our girls love it. Without FTG, they wouldn't know about Repentance or forgiveness. That's huge for our entire family."


Ashley B.


Thanks to our Global Partners, Fetch the Goodness Family Vision has captivated the heart and activated partnerships have resonated with and wanted to contribute and stand behind Fetch the Goodness with their time, talent and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is Fetch The Goodness Community for?

Our Curriculum is designed for Grades K-6th, so our audiences are usually between the ages of 5 years and 12 years of age. Our live studio audience has many older children and our community is given the opportunity to learn and grow for any ages.

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Is This a Faith-based Community That is Bible Based?

Yes. Fetch The Goodness is not about religion. It is about helping children build their relationship with the Father, through Jesus his Son, while we gain wisdom through his Holy Spirit. Denominational slants and cultures, though respected, are not encouraged inside FTG Community. We teach children directly from Scripture and what Jesus taught in his parables and how to apply them.  

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Are There Educational Resources Available?

While this website is a continual work in progress, you will find a growing list of resources and products available to help your library (digital and physical) grow. Let us know what you're looking for and if we don't have it we may suggest other companies where you can find it.

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